United As One is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS and all donations to it are tax deductible. Simply click on the link below if you'd like to make a donation. 

Our policy states we can only use 5-10% of all donations toward administrative expenses. We have no salaries, no mortgage, no utilities. That's how we can put 90+% of all donations to work for the Kingdom and meeting the needs our community.

If you'd like to read our financial policy before donating, please click HERE.

Thank you so much for your generosity!

The Fruits of Your Obedience...

Below is a listing of some of the things we've done with the contributions you've provided and the time you've donated.

  • Adopting a Family in Need for the Holidays

    Together we helped a struggling family of 6 have a brighter holiday season with food and gifts for the whole family.

  • California Fires

    Together we helped provide for 2 separate families who lost their homes in the California fires of late 2018.

  • Naturalization

    Together we helped pay for the naturalization legal fees for an aspiring American citizen.

  • Widow's Home

    Together we paid for water and electrical utilities to be run into a widow's new home so she could finally move in. 

  • Guatemalan Family

    Together we have provided plane tickets to bring the parents of a Guatemalan immigrant to the states so the could reunite--after 20 years of separation!

  • Segera Missions

    Together we have supported the Segera Missions Foundation which works to change lives in the Segera region of Kenya, Africa.

  • Back to School

    Together we blessed a family in financial need to help outfit their kids for a new school year.

  • Outreach in the Park

    Together we rented a shelter at a local park on a Sunday morning to use as a base of outreach to those who may not be Christ-followers. We also purchased Bibles to give to people God placed in our path while there. 

  • Adoption

    Together we helped fund the process of helping a child be adopted by a great Christian family.

  • Bicycles

    Your generous donations enabled us to provide brand-new commuter bicycles to three people who have allowed God to turn their lives around. They have used these bikes to gain employment they would otherwise not have been able to obtain due to the fact they had no reliable transportation. God is using you to continue to lift these people up out of a world he never intended them to be in.

  • Christmas Ministry

    Together we contributed funds and volunteered our time to provide underprivileged kids a good Christmas at Starfish Orphan Ministry.